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Seasoned Oak, Green Oak or Air Dried Oak?

One of the most common questions we get asked for construction of an Oak Frame Garage is “What is the difference between Seasoned Oak, Green Oak & Air Dried Oak?”

Green Oak

The term ‘Green’ has nothing to do with the colour of the oak nor does it reflect the colour that the oak will turn eventually. Green Oak refers to unseasoned sawn timber, usually fell within 3-18 months with a moisture content of roughly 30-80%. As a result of the high moisture content, when the oak dries out, it shrinks, moves and splits, making it hard to use anywhere close to glass. But brilliant to use in the construction of an oak frame garage, garden room or gazebo adding real character to the final finish.

Air Dried Oak

Air Dried Oak has been cut to size and left to dry naturally. However, it is common that they do not dry out completely. The benefit of using air dried oak means that during the drying out process, the majority of movement has already taken place and therefore less splitting and movement will occur once installed making this the perfect oak to use in sensitive areas where any movement could be inconvenient.

Seasoned Oak

Seasoned Oak is usually cut into boards, and stacked, separated with small battens allowing the timber to breath over a period of time, the moisture content is to be reduces to roughly 13%, making it much more suitable for window and door frame construction and roof rafters. It takes on average, 1 year per 25mm to season properly. During this slow seasoning process, the oak will stay relatively flat and straight, and protected at all times from rain. Seasoned oak, reduces movement and allows glazing methods such as those used in the construction of Orangeries, porches and Garden Rooms. For more information on which oak is suitable for your project get in touch with one of our friendly team today – Contact Us

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